Medical Counselling Dates 12 Feb 2020

About Excel Defence Academy

Excel Defence Academy has took the lead to encourage the defence aspirants in the Telugu speaking states. With great zeal and enthusiasm we established Excel in the year 2009. Since then the academy has never turned back, crossing many hurdles within the short span of time , the academy has proved its activities for all-round excellence of the aspirants. With the motto "What you aspire, shall you achieve", Excel spread widely into the hearts of the aspirants and now it stands as the first and best defence oriented coaching academy in Telangana.

Excel not only trains the student to be disciplined and job oriented but also gives a worth full education to Intermediate and Graduation studies simultaneously. The academy trains the young and brings out their inborn skills and molds their strong potentialities to build up strong Nation. Excel stands in an esteemed position heading always up-front in giving great warriors as nation's assets. A large number of young aspirants today who are well settled in defence speak volumes about us and praise us for what we have trained. Assessing the outgrowing need for education along with Defence Training, we decided on setting up proper Defence Academy for students where they'll be provided with high quality education standards and learn in a competitive and challenging environment. An effective physical training and good discipline is taught at Excel by Ex-Army. We encourage students in participating in NCC/NSS services teach them personality development, public speaking, interview skills and moral values by our well trained, dedicated and fully experienced faculty.